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Ideal for a variety of system applications: backbones, data centres, campus links, or blown fibre networks, the new Molex Fibre Optic Swing-Out Patch Panel is a versatile and logical choice for today¡¦s high-speed network infrastructure.? This light-weight, robust fibre optic patch panel is designed for the installation of up to 48 standard optical fibres or Laserstream? blown fibre.

Constructed from a high impact UL94 V-0 rated plastic compound, the panel is tough and sturdy and may be used instead of metal versions.? The swing-out tray is designed to pivot from the front to gain access to the cable management and splice management compartments, for easy cable dressing and post-installation access.
The panel chassis ships with an Installation Accessories Kit, which includes splice holders, a cable anchor base, fibre bend limiting tube, front plate labels, a cabinet/rack fixing kit and installation instructions.

The Front Plates featuring Molex fibre optic adapters can also be provided in ST, SC and LC variants.? Molex adapters provide high performance and reliability by utilising the latest precision ceramics, finest metals and polymers and are designed to industry standards.? The Front Plates simply snap into the panel chassis and may be removed and replaced easily.








The Swing-Out Patch Panel is a light-weight, robust fibre optic patch panel that offers an economic alternative to metal fibre enclosures.
Designed for the installation of up to 48 standard optic fibres or Laserstream? blown fibres, the lower tray pivots enabling access to the pre-formed fibre and splice management areas for easy cable dressing and installation. The panel is fully configurable with Molex's range of factory assembled interchangeable front plates.








  • 1U standard 19" rack mount
  • Manufactured from high-strength, light-weight UL94 V-0 rated material
  • Accommodates interchangeable front plates that are fully loaded with adapters
  • All fibres positively managed to 30mm minimum bend radius
  • Bottom half of panel pivots out for access to splice tray and pigtail routing area
  • No additional cable management accessories required
  • Compatible with Laserstream blown fibre tubes (5mm)
  • Stackable splice bay allows for easy upgrade of splicing capacity
  • Includes installation accessory kit





Material: High Impact Polystyrene (UL94 V-0 rated)

Operating Temperature: -20¢XC to 50¢XC

No of Splice Trays: 2

Max fibre capacity: 48

Dimensions: 44.5cm (W) x 23cm (D) x 4.3cm 1U (H)

Weight: 1.1kg